The Bondi Fiberglass Pool Model

The Bondi fiberglass pool is one of our newest models. Many people have chosen the Bondi for its’ flat entry design. This pool model offers many great features.

The Bondi comes in two sizes. Like all Barrier Reef fiberglass pools the Billabong Cove comes in one of seven different color options.

Bondi Install

Bondi Installs:

The Bondi Beach Experience

With sweeping white sand beaches, Bondi Beach is one of Australia’s most iconic beaches. With beachgoers, surfers and fisherman enjoying the beautiful waters year-round. The beach offers dramatic scenery with plenty of casual pubs nearby. With a Bondi fiberglass pool, you can have a Bondi Beach experience in your own backyard.


  • Flat entry ledge.
  • Deep end seating.
  • Generous entry steps in a textured finish.
  • Safety ledge around the perimeter of the pool.


Bondi Dimensions:

Bondi Dimensions

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