How much does a swimming pool cost?

One of the first questions potential pool owners want to know when they call us is : How much does a pool cost? Although this is a very difficult question to answer, we will try to do our best to explain some general pricing guidelines.

The purchase of a swimming pool is much like the purchase of a vehicle or even a home. With so many options available, price ranges can vary drastically. So, why do so many people choose to purchase so many upgrades in their vehicle or in their home? The answer is because most people understand the importance of getting what they want the first time so as to not have any regrets down the road.

Because most Canadians spend over 1 hour a day in their vehicles and about a third of their day at home, they want to make sure that these large investments will provide them with comfort, quality, longevity, and ease of use. These same principles typically apply to most inground swimming pool shoppers. Understanding that they are going to have to see their pool every day for as long as they live in their home, as well as the fact that picking the right pool with the right options the first time is critical as to ensure maximum enjoyment with minimum maintenance, most shoppers elect to get the pool that will make them happiest in the long-run.

Fiberglass Pool Installation Pricing Guide:

Package 1 - Standard
Delivery & Installation No Pool Decking

This package includes pool shell, shipping, pool equipment, excavation, setting of pool, backfill, filling pool with water and installation. The homeowner is responsible for concrete forming and prepping, final grading, cleaning of pool, electrical, gas hook up and fencing.

The price of this package typically ranges from $75,000 and up, again depending on the size and options.

  • Pool Shell
  • Shipping
  • Pool Shell
  • Pool Equipment
  • Excavation
  • Setting of Pool
  • Backfill
  • Filling Pool
  • Final Installation


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Package 2 - Deluxe 
Includes Pool Decking & Grading

Package #2 includes everything mentioned in #1, but it also includes the concrete decking, pool cleaning, and final grading.

Most homeowners will spend $85,000 and up for package #2.

  • All Items In Standard
  • Final Grading
  • Includes Concrete Decking
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Chemicals?


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Package 3 - Ultimate  
One Company, Turn-Key Backyard Solution

Understanding that many homeowners would rather just deal with one company instead of many, we at Simply Pools and Spas are one of the few companies that will offer our clients true ‘turn-key’ pool installations. In this package, all that is found in package #2, as well as fencing and permits, are included.

 Most customers will spend $100,000 and up for a turn-key project.

  • All Items In Standard
  • All Permits
  • All Items In Deluxe
  • Fencing
  • Landscaping?


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